Day One — Attitude

200px-samba1 I began my exploration of Samba yesterday. As a person who’s studied various forms of dancing my entire life, Samba intrigues me. Many forms of dance are about fluidity, grace, and the purity of the movement. While Samba is about all of those things…you also get to shake your moneymaker like there’s no tomorrow! Yep, I successfully completed day one and boy is my tushie sore this morning…Noooo, that’s not me to the left. I wish!

That’s me, over there to the right—Cindy Jacks,bellydancing author, mother, belly dance enthusiast and now novice Samba dancer. The thing that struck me most about the art form is how big and open the movements are! In belly dance, everything is tight, contained. At most, certain combination moves are designed to be flirtatious, but that’s it. Nothing overly suggestive it allowed (unless it’s a private dance for your lovin’ man).  But in Samba, hot, sexy moves are not only allowed, they’re REQUIRED!

I mean, look at the costumes. Not a whole lot of mystery there. Note to self: eliminate all carbs from diet forthwith…starting after the chocolate croissant I bought for breakfast; don’t want to be wasteful after all…well, I did shredded carrots yesterday to make carrot cake today…Mmmm, carrot cake. Oh! Sorry, I got off-topic. Where was I? Right, the raw sexuality of Samba.

orangesetteaseSo, there I was, after three years of being whipped into contained, lady-like shape, being told to spread my legs and drop it like it’s hot. It took me a me a little time, but I finally set free my inner carnivàle vixen. What the instructor stressed yesterday was attitude. Samba is all about attitude. If I can get the knots in my thigh and calf muscles to unclench later today, I’m’a practice that attitude. Until then, I’m off to sit on a heating pad! Stay tuned…